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Different perspectives of the Globe of Science and Innovation (Image: CERN)


Who are we?

The Departmental Administrative Office consists of:

Rachelle Decreuse-Michaud (Departmental Administrative Officer)


Louisa Catherall (Departmental Administrative Officer support)


Do not hesitate to contact us at en.dep.dao@cern.ch or visit us in 54/3-009!


The EN Departmental Administrative Officer provides support to:

  • the Members of Personnel (Employed Members of Personnel and Associated Members of Personnel).

  • the Department Head as well as the Group Leaders for the management of the Department's personnel resources (Employed Members of Personnel and Associated Members of Personnel).


Therefore, the DAO is the link person between Group & Section leaders, supervisors, employees and HR regarding contracts. The DAO seeks and provides official information, advises, and clarifies the rules and procedures to ensure compliance with the Organization’s regulations, and guides towards the appropriate service or contact person when required.

In addition, the DAO Office ensures the administrative processes are understood and applied smoothly within the Department, as well as within CERN.


More precisely, the Office covers the following activities:

  • Newcomers ‘Onboarding’ organization

  • Contract extensions/terminations/transfers

  • Project Associate (PJAS) contracts preparation

  • Registration of Collaboration Associates (COAS) and Visiting Scientists

  • Family events follow-up

  • Visas

  • Overtime Requests verification

  • Recruitment process follow-up

  • Centralization of collaboration agreement contracts with Universities & Institutes

  • Departmental representative to the CERN Administrative Processes Working Group (GTPA)

  • Departmental representative to the CERN DPCC (CERN Data Privacy Committee)


Privacy notice

Find out more about the Privacy Notice of the EN Administrative Service here.